The history of Madame Brasserie

An exceptional worksite to reinvent the Brasserie on the Eiffel Tower

At 60 meters above the ground and at the heart of the Eiffel Tower, the worksite for Madame Brasserie is naturally one of a kind! To follow this adventure in the air we offer you a time lapse film that is being created and updated throughout the whole event.
An exceptional worksite to reinvent the Brasserie on the Eiffel Tower

A project that is also a feat of technical achievement

The worksite for Madame Brasserie is a tad more complicated than standard worksites that are anchored on the ground. The “Iron Lady” is a demanding host that does not want to put on weight: for every kilogram that is added to her load, a kilogram must also be removed. Needless to say, the architecture of Madame Brasserie favors lightness for easier integration on the first level. The exacting nature of the work explains why it has taken a full year to create the different areas of Madame Brasserie, to achieve a high-quality installation and preserve the beauty of our Eiffel Tower.
Ramy Fischler and Nicola Delon the architects of excellence of Madame Brasserie and chef Thierry Marx

Ramy Fischler and Nicola Delon, the excellent architects behind Madame Brasserie

Ramy Fischler, Designer of the Year 2018 and founder of Studio RF, and Nicola Delon, the founder of the architects’ collective “Encore Heureux”, were the lucky chosen ones who got to work with the Société d'Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel (SETE) to redesign the areas of the restaurant. Durable materials, making the most of its setting on the Eiffel Tower and creating new views over Paris were the cornerstones of their contemporary architectural concept that is centered on the principles of lightness and conviviality.

Madame Brasserie: taking the ‘brasserie’ into a new era

When it opened its doors, Madame Brasserie revealed to the whole of Paris the trappings that were until now absent from the brasserie world: modern spaces that are welcoming in the day and cozy at night and new views over the French capital to discover it under a new light, not to mention the direct interaction with the superb inner structure of the Eiffel Tower.