At the crossroads of the local and the seasons

A revisited brasserie cuisine

Prioritize local ingredients

All the ingredients used in Madame Brasserie's cuisine are sourced in the Paris region. The short circuit offers both the advantage of rediscovering local specialties and minimizing the environmental footprint linked to the restaurant's activity.

Integrate the products of the Craftsmen's Guild

Meeting twice a year, the Guild of Craftsmen offers the discovery of high quality regional products and small producers. On this occasion, Thierry Marx selects certain ingredients that will directly integrate the menus of Madame Brasserie.

Respect the rhythm of the seasons

Who says local ingredients also says cooking in harmony with the seasons. For a menu that changes every three months, Thierry Marx chooses between one and three seasonal products to work on all the menus offered. The approach is completed by the selection of responsible products from sustainable fishing and sustainable agriculture.

Encourage zero waste

The selection of products and ingredients is rigorous. It must be local, seasonal, responsible, but also be part of zero waste. That is to say, favor products that can be used 100% in the culinary creations offered and work with suppliers to obtain only the elements necessary for these creations. In addition, plastic and cardboard are systematically reduced to a minimum and recycled.

Address new regimes

Our eating habits are changing. Thierry Marx is well aware of this. This is why Madame Brasserie is moving towards a cuisine that places plants at its heart. What is at first glance a constraint, actually pushes Thierry Marx towards more creativity, between games of textures and flavors. For him, gourmet cuisine and healthy cuisine must go hand in hand. He is also concerned about special diets for which an alternative is always provided.