Thierry Marx

a committed yet visionary craftsman of flavors

A chef that shares my values

A ‘Compagnon du devoir’, seasoned entrepreneur and diligent humanist, Thierry Marx is changing the world with his cuisine. Now it is my brasserie cuisine and culture that he is refreshing. I chose him because he is open to the world and he is forever reworking his achievements. He is developing a culinary approach that makes sense to me. He expresses values such as respect for the natural cycle of produce, local distribution networks, reducing environmental impact, and social responsibility.

An excellent team

In my kitchen, Thierry Marx has chosen extraordinary talents who are all experts in their discipline. This diversity and this culture of openness match my vision. All the more so as these talents were trained in the best schools and by masters of French cuisine. They are my kitchen brigade of excellence, a team driven by trust.