Frédéric Anton, Jules Verne’s new chef

Frédéric Anton, a three-star chef and a “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” is taking the helm of Jules Verne

The new chef - Frédéric Anton

Frédéric Anton

After starting his career with some of the greatest masters of French cuisine, such as Robert Bardot and Joël Robuchon, Frédéric Anton took up the reins of Le Pré Catelan in 1997. Devoting all of his heart and passion, he earned two Michelin stars in 1999, with a third in 2007. Selected “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” in 2000, Frédéric Anton is one of the most brilliant figures in the new generation of French chefs.
The new chef - Frédéric Anton's team

The Jules Verne team

To offer exceptional cuisine, Frédéric Anton has chosen to rely on the best talent. From the pastry chef to the head sommelier, the cream of French cuisine’s crop will indulge and delight.
The new chef - Frédéric Anton's cuisine

Sophisticated, graphic, gourmet cuisine

Chef Frédéric Anton has combined his two passions: beauty and greatness. His refined cuisine is built around lively, harmonious compositions.
“First and foremost, my dishes are going to create a dialogue with the architecture of the Eiffel Tower itself. In my compositions, I want to evoke the cogs, the nuts and bolts, the chiseling of this oversized steel structure.”

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