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Practical information

  • Dress code

    Our dress code is smart casual, however we do not oblige our guest to wear a tie or a jacket. Sportswear (such as t-shirts, shorts, trainers etc...) are not accepted.
  • For your children

    We don’t have any high chair in the restaurant. We don’t accommodate any children menu.
  • Access to the restaurant

    To access the Eiffel tower, please come by the Gustave Eiffel avenue.
    When you arrive, please visit the Jules Verne reception desk at the Eiffel Tower’s southern pillar. You will have access to the restaurant directly from a private elevator.

    To get to the Eiffel tower front, you will first have to introduce yourself to the checkpoints in the South and East gardens. You will find a dedicated checkpoint for the Eiffel tower restaurants customers.

    If you wish, valet parking service is available near the southern pillar, at the corner of avenue Octave Gérard and avenue Charles Floquet.

  • Access to the Top

    If you want to go to the Top of the Tower, you need to buy tickets online on the Eiffel Tower website or at the bottom of the Tower on the day of the reservation.
    You need to pick them up before going to the Jules Verne private lift.
    You will be able to go to the top of the Eiffel tower until midnight during summer, and 11pm for the rest of the year.
  • Eiffel tower - General information

    Smoking is not allowed in the Eiffel Tower. For security reasons, it is forbidden to access the restaurant by elevator after 10PM, after this time any exit will be permanent.Animals and pets are not admitted, excluding those required by disabled visitors.
  • List of Prohibited items – Eiffel Tower

    Visitors are not allowed to bring certain objects into the restaurant & spaces open to the public, i.e. items that, due to their destination or characteristics, present security risks to other people, equipment or the monument, and in particular:
    > weapons and munitions,
    > explosive, flammable or volatile substances,
    > bladed weapons likely to be a danger to the safety of the public and employees,
    > tools (cutters, screw drivers, pliers etc),
    > items that are too heavy, bulky or repulsive,
    > oversized luggage or bags,
    > climbing or jumping gear (especially bungee jumping and parachutes), as well as publicity materials of any kind,
    > child buggies/strollers that are not foldable,
    > glass bottles, drink cans,
    > an excessive amount of food or drink (determined by the agents).
    In order to check bag dimensions, gauges are provided for visitors at the four corners of the esplanade and at the security control before entry to the monument. Warning: Any object not accepted on the Eiffel Tower cannot be deposited.


  • What information do I need to provide to make a reservation?

    A credit card is required for all reservations made via our online reservation system, you will have to complete a form with your credit card details. You will need to provide the 16 digits card number, expiry date, security code (last 3 digits at the back of your card) and the full name of the cardholder. Please note that the expiry date must be the same or later than the date of your reservation, if your card is expired, the pre-authorization will not be processed.
    This is a debit authorization without cashing, no amount will be debited. Your meal will be due on the day of your reservation.
  • How does the restaurant use my credit card details?

    For your protection, our reservation system will check the credit card details with your bank on a secured server that encrypts the information. Please note that in some cases, the pre-authorization on your credit card might be declined. This situation can happen if you exceeded your limit with other purchases made on the same day. This is a pre-authorization for guarantee only, we will not charge the credit card. The full amount of your bill should be settled on the day.

    Notice: The pre-authorization process depends completely on an internal functioning of your bank. We noticed about the specific functioning of some foreign banks for which the demand of Pre-authorization acts as télécollecte (transmission in bank for compensation) and thus as an express debit for credit card older. For information this debit does not act as the reservation payment, but only as a guaranty for your booking. Legally this debit from the pre-authorization will be cancel 7 days after your reservation, if this transaction is not cancel beyond it, please contact us.
  • In which case(s) my credit card will be charged?

    In the event that a booking is not honoured or cancelled with less than 48 hours notice, a 190 € fee will apply per person. This fee will be equivalent of the complete pre-authorization fee depending on your reservation.
    A reduction of the number of guests must be confirmed 48 hours prior to the event as well, otherwise a 190 € fee per missing person will be charged.
  • Can I book a table if you do not have a credit card?

    Unfortunately this is not possible.
  • For more than 8 guests:

    A set menu is required for the entire table. The final number must be confirmed no later than 3 business days prior to the date of your reservation.
  • Reservation information

    To book for 8 persons or more, please contact us at or via the contact form.

Gastronomy and offers

  • Special dietary requirements

    In order for us to meet your expectations, please indicate what are your dietary requirements via the contact form.
  • You would like to organize a surprise birthday party or another special occasion you would like to celebrate?

    You can order a birthday cake with a candle on top of the default dessert no later than 72 hours prior to the date of your reservation. The price is 26€.
    We are happy to organize menus with no price upon request.